Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunny has her likeness done

Our dog, Sunny, sat for a few photos, from which I made this portrate. It was practice for a series (I just bought 30 canvases) about the dogs and cats at the local shelter. Am excited to see how that goes! Acrylic latex on 18 x 24 museum edge canvas.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Island Park # 25


Sometimes, you have to get close up to see all that your subject is about. Everything about the Island, is here in this intimate scene, rock, tree, sunshine, growth, and wind. Acrylic Latex on illustration board. 22 x 28"
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Island Park, the other side


This is from the far bank, across the high bridge from Island Park, but still part of that series. Acrylic Latex on illistration board.
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun Run Tee Shirt

When not painting or birdhousing, I sometimes do graphics for worthy causes. This was one of those. A funny design of a fireman chasing a fire, they used to call firemen "smoke chasers" back in the day
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Friday, July 2, 2010

Purple Pomegranate Gallery


Wonderful opening last night at the Purple Pomegranate Gallery in Whitfish, Mt. for my "Sunday in the Park" series on Glacier National Park. Good comments, old friends, and a nice drive up and back. Show is up till the end of July, '10.
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Plein Air, Sandpiper Gallery

A week ago 38 artists drove out across the Blackfoot Indian Reservation to Plein Air their impressions of this place. I found this wonderful old truck in Camas, asked the owner if I could paint it (he said NO, 'cuz he liked the color it was), but then said yes to a Picture of it! What a great day!
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Trailer House Birdhouses

This one's mine she seems to be saying! She actually moved in and is raising a family ...... will have to sell that one as "used" at the end of the summer!
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Trailer house Birdhouses

For the 5th summer I have a display of trailer house birdhouses up in the front yard. Selling better this summer than last, will have to make more I think. Enjoy meeting people as they pick out their new home!
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Island Park #20

Such a wet spring, the Clark's Fork of the Columbia River is running high..... and the "small" dam at the former Thompson Falls, is spilling full out.
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Island Park #17

Sumi-e like marks make trees.
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