Saturday, December 6, 2008

Big Junk yard Dogs#7

After painting for almost a year on 12" x 18" formats, I have recently started to paint on tore open cardboard boxes, the sizes mostly 3' x5' or so. This requires a whole new set of muscles and and new way of standing at the easel (or away from it and over the art on the floor). Bigger brushes but still a "disregard" for the surface as long as the image gets its day. I like dealing with the new texture and splits in the surface. I also gouge and tear the surface if I feel like it, and put the paint cans down right on the painting. House paint on cardboard.
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Jared Shear said...

These are looking great Wade! I will have to stop by and check out the real thing......that is if I ever get in the area. haha.

Tatiana said...

Great work and you must be some sort of contortionist!

R. Wade said...

Thanks Tatiana, no, I don't bend as well as I used to and have to remind myself there are more marks to make than just back and forth. Wade