Monday, January 5, 2009

Jared's Chair


After working for most of a year in a limited pallet of colors (almost monochromatic) I have just recently returned to the hardware store and selected a broader range of colors. I continue to work from self-created photos, which I then print in black and white. From these I decide what color to use where. I try not to be too predictable, but at the same time believable. these 6 works are from an on-going series of my home town, Thompson Falls, Montana. I now start a new series on Glacier Park, in color, and monochromatic.
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Cordell Johnson said...

Nice work, I can't wait to see the Glacier set.

R.Wade Nelson said...

Thanks Aaron, trying hard to use all this retirement time wo useing too much money! If the light is good today, will snap some pics of the new stuff.