Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Did alot of work over the holidays, these are a few pieces from late December. In the Elevator series, I had been very up close, now in these paintings, I step back and see the country side, put the works of man in context. Montana is sooo big, our works so small , but there none the less. Continue to enjoy the flow and feel of house paint, more color, but still very interested in value and shade. How do you paint the rain? Big brushes!!!!! Acrylic latex on illustration board 22 x 28"
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Jared Shear said...

Nice one Wade!.....I can feel the impending doom.

RT said...

I loooove this painting. It seems almost surreal, looking downward from the chaos of the clouds, but that hint of fenceline brings it back and I know that I am looking at my home state. It seems so loose and unguided, but the flow of the road into the hills brings back structure and really makes that rainstorm boil up off the page.