Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Montana Elevator #41

All calm and centered, trying for a sense of quiet.
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Jake Parks said...

hi wade, well I am loving teaching art. I made it through a round of budget cuts and now I'm k - 8. I hope you are loving retirement. I like your paintings. looks like a wonderful adventure. I have been reading John Carlson's "guide to landscape painting" (jareds gift) and painting some oils of Kemmerer, wy I will let you know if I ever post them. Have a wonderful day. tell Paula Hi. Love, Jake Stacey and Noah

R.Wade Nelson said...

Hi Jake, glade you made it through your first budget cut, can't tell you how many times I was "fired" for budget reasons. So,,, YES! I am enjoying retirement, noone to fire me from the studio! All these elevator paintings are now on exhibition in Bozeman, have a show in July in Whitefish and am working on a series of town, will post soon, hello to family, Wade